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Who Are We?

A group of women artists and thinkers with diverse ethnic backgrounds and connections.

We have a range of complementary talents which work together to create a project. 

Our roles are flexible.

Though our collective is somewhat elastic, we have a core group of women who are our founding members.

Deb Donnelly
Textile Designer / Curator
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Japan / NZ European

New Zealand born artist, printmaker, researcher and writer of family textile tales. I am a full time independent Asian art textiles curator after 30 years experience as a tertiary art tutor while raising her family.

Happily domiciled on the Kapiti Coast as long as it allows me international travel, I'm interested in growing trees and plants as dye stock.


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Helen Donnelly
Filmmaker / Visual Communications Designer
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NZ European

Through my documentary film work I focus on the migrant and minority experience. I desire to be a connector between these and my world.

My connections with the Iraqi Assyrian community in Wellington allowed me to film in Iraq. My last visit was in 2014 when ISIS invaded, an experience I am processing within my film work.

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Birgit Moffatt
Eco-fibre Artist
East Germany

My work is strongly influenced by places that are important to me: my birth city East Berlin, where I grew up and my new home, New Zealand.

Living between cultures, the process of assimilation and understanding of my new environment involves an internal re-examination of home.

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Marie L. Enslin
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Zimbabwe / South Africa

As a multimedia artist I work primarily in porcelain and ferrous metals.


Inspired by themes of ancestry, migration; perception and interpretation, my work often encompasses concepts such as the duality of living with both identity and with hope and fear, and the space between these two.

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Dr. Mei-Chueh Chao
Language & Diversity Consultant 
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I consider myself an artist, not by profession, but by heart. Aren’t we all weaving our own life tapestry as an expression of our beings, our thoughts and our actions?

By profession, I am an educator and a start-up entrepreneur. I am also an advocate for migrant women issues. In particular, I am on my mission to stop the immigration abuse that numerous migrant women experience in NZ. I aim to effect this by supporting and empowering migrant women, raising public awareness, working with legal professionals and influencing policy change. 


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