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  • When is your next project is being staged?
    To find out what and when we're up to next, sign up to our mailing list on the Home Page and we will let you know when projects are happening. Follow us on Facebook too for quick updates!
  • Where is WIA 2020 based?
    We are spread out a little, but most are based in the Kapiti Coast and Wellington area of New Zealand.
  • Can I become a member of WIA 2020?
    Yes. Though we have core members of the collective, at times some of us are more available than others to participate. We are a somewhat elastic group so are always open to new members if they align with our objectives and philosophy and have talents and a personality that melds well with the group. If you think that might be you, please contact us through our Contact page!
  • Would you be interested in a new exhibition or speaking event?
    Yes! Depending of course on location, funding and who is available, we would love to hear from you about opportunities. Please contact us with the details and we will go from there!

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